Tea with the Muse
Tea with the Muse
Quantum Red Thread Cafe - Reading and What is it?

Quantum Red Thread Cafe - Reading and What is it?

Invitation to join us in the imusea app

Hello Lovely Ones ~ Today I share with you:

A reading from my upcoming book Rodeo of the Soul: Quantum Red Thread Cafe

The teachings of the Red Thread we follow - all four of them in a few minutes

The origins of Red Thread Cafe and what’s included - with gratitude to Sue Hoya Sellars on her birthday tomorrow (April 20)

An invitation to join us in our imusea app (as we choose to define how engagement happens in community - not on platforms that are always tracking us)

You can find the app through just a websearch, imusea and you will find the one that is right for your phone. BUT also please know the app is ALSO able to be accessed via desktop


Quantum Red Thread Cafe

There is a quantum café right here
between tomorrow and today
You will find us here waiting for you since forever
This is the Red Thread Cafe located in every place there is,
including in the most important place of all,
your connection to your imagination and the Muse
When you arrive, you can’t miss me
Watch for the cowgirl hat
with a red rose and the kickass red boots
I will be the one with my heart on my sleeve
This is a place to gather yourself up,
pull up a chair and have tea with the many Muses
You will see, you will be in good company
We are the Cosmic Cowgirls gathering in the bounty
of Intentional Creativity ~ did you hear our call?
There are ancient stories to be told under the smiling moon!
There are present day stories rising up with the laughing sun!
There are future stories being woven with the fabric of our hopes!
We have our heads in the stars and our feets on the good earth
We are both/and women
Women who straddle the worlds
We ride in the rodeo of the soul

We are women from the ancient future!

Be welcome here! Whatcha working on? Show us your stuff!
We have anticipated your arrival for lifetimes
We are so glad you are here! We remember you!

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Tea with the Muse
Tea with the Muse
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